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From Alan Wright <>
Subject Re: Where does html:text tag get its data
Date Mon, 15 Oct 2001 08:29:04 GMT

Thanks for your time.

Here is the mapping from struts config:

    <!-- UserProfile form bean -->
    <form-bean      name="userProfileForm"


As you can see it matches the name in the action/path mapping and the class is
UserProfileForm and not UserProfileBean.

In the JSP page there are no references whatsoever to userProfileBean or

I am certain that the data being displayed is coming from the UserProfileBean
because I hard coded the return value of the getters in both the form and the
bean classes to be sure of where the data is coming from.

At the moment I am working on the hypothesis that Struts is using some sort of
naming convention logic to go straight to UserProfileBean for the properties it

In the struts example I note that the object classes have names like "User" and
"Subscription" with no "Bean" suffix.  The action code uses
propertyutils.copyproperties to move data from the business object to the form.
I will probably hack the source code for the example around a bit to test my


Alan Wright

Shawn McKisson wrote:

> Have you defined a mapping inside of <form-beans> for that userProfileForm?
> Check that mapping and make sure that the right classname is listed there.
> Also, check any name properties you have on <html:XXX> tags and make sure
> that there names map as expected back to their respective <form-bean>
> definitions.
> --shawn

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