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From Alan Wright <>
Subject Where does html:text tag get its data
Date Sun, 14 Oct 2001 16:22:25 GMT

I am just starting to use struts and would appreciate some help
understanding where html:text tags in a jsp page get their data.

>From the documentation I believed it would use the getter of the action
form matching the property in the tag.

the following is in my struts-config

    <!-- Edit User Profile -->
    <action    path="/editUserProfile"
      <forward name="failure"              path="/edituserprofile.jsp"/>

      <forward name="success"              path="/edituserprofile.jsp"/>


when I run this action the data is retrieved directly from a getter in a
class called UserProfileBean which is my database access layer instead
of from the userProfileForm getter.  I have not configured struts to
know about UserProfileBean so how does it find it?

I thought it might be because 2 classes in the same package had the same
getter but when I hid the getter in UserProfileBean struts complained
that it could not find the getter I was testing, evon though the getter
of the same name in UserProfileForm was present and public.

Is struts using some sort of rigid naming convention - if so where is it


Alan Wright

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