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From Steven Valin <>
Subject Re: security question
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2001 11:53:36 GMT
Interesting.  A reply from their tech support indicates that WebLogic 6 still
does not permit this, as do my own tests.

"Khorramrouz, Turaj" wrote:

> Hi Jonathan,
> you don't have the problem with "RequestDispatching to JSPs underneath
> WEB-INF"  in weblogic 5.1 with sp 10 any more.
> regards,
> Turaj
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jonathan M Crater []
> Sent: Montag, 24. September 2001 17:49
> To:
> Subject: security question
> i'm using weblogic 5.1, which does not allow RequestDispatching to JSPs
> underneath WEB-INF.  so i'm stuck keeping my JSPs outside WEB-INF.  as a
> result,
> i have to secure requests to both JSPs and actions.  securing the actions is
> just a matter of sub-classing ActionServlet and providing logic to check for
> certain secured paths.  the problem is i don't want to repeat the logic in
> the JSPs--either through a tag library or otherwise.  does anyone have any
> suggestions as to how best to prevent a situation where a user requests a
> JSP page directly when it should have gone through the sub-classed
> ActionServlet?  i was thinking of just setting a request parameter for each
> request as it passes through the ActionServlet.  that way, in the JSP i can
> just test for that value to determine whether the request went through the
> proper channel.  if not, i can redirect to an error page.
> thoughts?  suggestions?

Steven Valin

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