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From Matthias Gries <>
Subject Some questions regarding data validation!
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2001 11:51:59 GMT
Hi all,

since I'm relatively new to struts the following questions could seem a
little bit silly ;-)
But I haven't found any information on the mailing lists right now. So
it would be really helpful if someone could answer them.

1) Is there any reason why the scope for ActionErrors is the request and
not the session?
2) Our web application generates the gui via html frames. The upper
frame displays a data entry form, the lower frame displays either a
result page or a new form or an error page. If I enter some data into
the data entry form and I hit the submit button the lower frame will be
populated (target = "lowerFrame"). Now here is my problem: When I
validate the inserted data I only can display possible errors in the
lower frame (because the submit aims to the lower frame) via
<html:errors/>. But in our case we want to display some error messages
right above the input field which has caused the error (like "Wrong date
format"). But because the errors are within the scope of the request and
not of the session I have no possibility to display them in the upper
frame. How can I manage to display error messages within the upper frame
after submitting the data and then eventually populate the lower frame?
Any help and idea will be appreciated!!!

Thanks a lot

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