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From "Aapo Laakkonen" <>
Subject Re: URL rewriting and cookies
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2001 12:27:04 GMT
> Could you post an example of the type of URLs you're seeing?

Here is the struts <html:img>-tag:

<html:img srcKey="" altKey="" width="715"
height="7" border="0"/>

And it generates output like this:

<img src="/images/blue.gif;jsessionid=0001CEAAQCTISJFXCZWNZLC2WNA" alt=""
height="7" width="715" border="0">

As you see ";jsessionid=0001CEAAQCTISJFXCZWNZLC2WNA" is absolutely grab that
I don't want to have in src-attribute. This occurs only when I enable
URL-rewriting and disable cookies in my application server (WAS 3.5.4 on
AIX). I have WAS modified struts package installed.

My client likes to use URL-rewriting and disable cookies... I'm not sure if
this problem occurs even if both URL rewriting and Cookies are enabled. But
again my client wants to use only URL-rewriting, because they have quite
strict deployment standards.

Images are not served by WAS as my client uses separate Web Server for
serving static content and they don't want to have any overhead that is
generated by WAS layer if the files can be served directly by Apache or some
other Web Server as it is the case with images in this app.

Can someone at least confirm me if the problem exists in struts framework or
somewhere else so I can point my finger to the source of the problem... and
leave you to think how you can improve this great framework.

Have you heard anything about WebWare for Python? I think that Struts
developers should look at the ideas implemented in WebWare... if you already
have not. It's really nice app server ... at least in developer's point of
view, imho.

Original message:
I have some small problems with struts on WebSphere 3.5.4 on AIX.

Everything works fine, if I enable cookies and disable URL rewriting. But
when I enable URL rewriting and disable cookies (or maybe I just need to
enable URL rewriting) struts is generating (or is it because of
struts)strange URL's. For example if I have used <html:img
srcKey="image.logo"... /> tag then struts generates the tag correctly but
adds session id at the end of HTML's <img>-tags source attribute. And then
the image is not displayed to the user because the generated URL points to
wrong place.

How can I remove struts from adding session ids at the end of the src

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