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From "Roger Goerke" <>
Subject Unexpected behavior from html:link tag.
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2001 13:29:26 GMT
I am trying to use the html:link tag in a j2ee application and getting
unusual results.

The source code (in the jsp file)
<li><bean:message key="index.demonstrate"/>
  <html:link href="/">
     <bean:message key="index.createAddress"/>

When this code is evaluated it renders the following html
  <a href="/loggingEJB/">

Note: there is no matching close anchor tag and the enclosed text is
I have verified that the body of the html:link tag is evaluated but it is
not rendering
the enclosed information to the html file.  I have also verified that the
text message exists in the Resource Bundle.  I have rendered that message
in the same jsp file.

Any ideas on this would be helpful.

Roger Goerke
Javelin Solutions

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