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From "Aapo Laakkonen" <>
Subject Re: WebSphere and Directory Structure
Date Mon, 15 Oct 2001 15:45:05 GMT
> What isn't good with this example :
> mywebapp/web/html
> mywebapp/web/jsp
> mywebapp/web/images
> mywebapp/Web-inf/classes
> mywebapp/Web-inf/classes/properties
> mywebapp/Web-inf/lib
> mywebapp/Web-inf/tlds
> mywebapp/Web-inf/xml
> mywebapp/Web-inf/dtd

I don't think that this would work with WebSphere 3.5.4. Have you read those
documents written by Chris Assenza
( and

> Mechanisms used in containers (tomcat, websphere, etc) relies on the
> standard directory structure to dynamically load classes, properties,
> libraries, etc !!!

I have added that lib directory on WebSphere Application server command line
and there is nothing wrong about it.

> You'll have a lot of problems if you don't follow it. I think that the
> person who define your client directory structure

What kind of problems? Only problems I have is that my client wants to keep
servlets directory un cluttered and if possible to put only ActionServlet
servlet there. Other files goes to other dirs for example in lib-directory.
The other problem is that why does my ActionClasses and forms need to reside
on same directory as struts classes? And if my app uses let's say regexp
package that package can reside in lib dir.

> forgot to read the J2EE specifications.

I think that people at IBM has forgotted to read these specs. Can I ask you
have you ever played with WebSphere (I'm not wanting to be rude... so if I
sound like it, don't take it seriously).

The directory stucture that you suggested is not possible with WAS, I guess.
You can always make a .war archive from let's say your TomCat development
machine and then import that file in WAS. The result is that WAS places the
files differently. Eg. makes servlets dir and puts all the servlets there
and so on.

The client I'm working with is quite big and they run many applications on
these servers with mainframe as a backend for the most apps. So they are
very strict with how apps are deployed on their servers.  So I can only give
suggestions and try to find some answers.

The important files are in there directories currently:

- struts.jar
- myapp.jar
- WEB-INF directory with struts tlds and struts-config.xml and web.xml in

- struts-config_1_0.dtd
- web-app_2_2.dtd
- web-app_2_3.dtd

- jaxp.jar
- parser.jar
- regexp.jar


- index.jsp
- WEB-INF directory with struts tlds and struts-config.xml and web.xml in it
and inside this directory is also web directory that has all the jsp pages
that struts controller uses as views.

All static files (eg. html pages and images are server directly by Apache
(or IBM HTTP sever or whatever).

So the question is that can I move struts.jar and myapp.jar to lib-directory
(and if not then is it possible to have only the ActionServlet inside
servlets directory and rest of the struts in lib or classes dir?)? Another
question is about WEB-INF directory under servlets dir - is it possible to
remove it from there?

And myapp runs on it's own Application Server, not in Default Application
server... so it's isolated from the other applications. The only application
that runs on that Application server is mine. And for those who do not know
WAS, the application server does nessecarely mean a separate machine... just
an isolated process that runs on server.

I hope that this information gives you more details about these minor
problems, :-).

Kind Regards
Aapo Laakkonen

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