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From "Aapo Laakkonen" <>
Subject WebSphere and Directory Structure
Date Mon, 15 Oct 2001 13:59:13 GMT
.. continuing... sorry...

Background information:

My client is running WebSphere 3.5.4 on several AIX boxes.

I got my struts application running quite well on this environment. The
problem is that my client has standardized the way the applications should
be configured and installed on their machines.

Here is the directory structure:


Struts.jar is currently under /servlets directory. Is it possible to place
only the ActionServlet under that dir and the rest of the struts in /lib
directory? Also the actionclasses and forms that I have programmed seems to
need reside on the same directory as struts.jar. I have packaged my app in
one jar file and it currently resides in /servlets directory. Is it possible
to place this package in /lib or /classes directory? file(s) seem to be happy under /properties

Also does there really need to be WEB-INF directory in /servlets directory?
And why? In /lib dir I have jaxp.jar, parser.jar and regexp.jar and they
work from there just fine.

And yes, I have WAS modified version of struts.

For most of us this is not an issue at all, but for my client it is and I'm
just searching a solution.


Aapo Laakkonen

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