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From "Ryan Cornia" <>
Subject Re: New Dawn is powered by Struts!
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2001 16:29:48 GMT
I would be interested in how you are doing the "Next"/"Previous"  scrolls through the videos.
Do you load all video records at once and store them in the session, or are you somehow only
retrieving the records the user is looking at?

Neat site!


>>> 09/04/01 10:00AM >>>
Hi struts-users,

I just completed the development of a website,, 

completely based on Struts1.0b version.

I would be happy to help  (and share code) with people who might have questions 

regarding the use of struts  in the implementation of this site.

Working with struts really helped structure the entire application and provide 

very valuable web application services. I would highly recommend using struts 

to everyone!!

I wonder if my site could also be listed in the Struts Resources section with 

the other "Powered by Struts" sites.



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