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From Aaron O'Hara <>
Subject iterating woes
Date Mon, 03 Sep 2001 02:43:20 GMT

I'm pulling my hair out try to figure out iterating.  The code below does
not iterate through an ArrayList like I'd like it to.  

<jsp:useBean id="general" scope="application"
<jsp:useBean id="service" scope="page"
  <logic:iterate id="service" name="general" property="services">
    <bean:write name="service" property="serviceName" filter="true"/>

In the application scope bean referenced as "general", I have a populated
ArrayList of "service" objects.   The "general" bean has a private ArrayList
with a getter method called "getServices".  I verified in the page that the
getServices method returns an ArrayList with a size of 11 and I can write a
scriplet to iterate through the list.

If anybody could point out to me what I'm doing wrong, it would be greatly

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