try Create the LabelValueOptions class having name(put numbers) and value("item text") add them in the arrayList . -----Original Message----- From: Ganendran Kumaraswamy [] Sent: Friday, August 24, 2001 10:58 AM To: '' Subject: Index of an arrayList in a options tag Hi All, I am using an arraylist to hold some values and display them in a select box as follows. I have created the arraylist in my action class and added some values to it. Then I set it to the form (to the selectList variable). Of course I have the getter and setter methods in my bean and it works fine. My question is, can I display the index of the arraylist as the value property in my option html tag ? How do I do it ? For e.g. I would ideally like the output to be like Cheers, Gane