Another option,

It's very stable, up to version 4.0. (I've been using version 3.3 as version 4.0 was short of documentation.)

p.s. If I understand correctly, while JAXB always generates the java classes for you, both Quick and Castor allows arbitrary binding via a binding schema.


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i can vouch for castorXML( ), same idea...

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> Sorry, had to to vent, been parsing/generating a lot of xml lately.
> The fact that xml has only three letters doesn't change my opinion!
> Have a good weekend folks.

Have you looked into JAXB? Given a DTD, it automatically generates
a collection of Java classes with getter/setter methods for each
tag name. You can then convert a valid XML document directly
into JavaBeans. And you can also convert the beans back to an XML

JAXB has some limitations (it's also distributed only under a trial
license at the moment) but it's made dealing with XML completely
trivial in my case. Let JAXB create the bean, save it as an attribute
in scope, and let JSP present the data directly. And none of that
horrible DOM syntax.


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