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From "Maria Laura Velazquez" <>
Subject RE: Problem with Struts in VAJ 3.5.3 WTE
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2001 12:25:46 GMT
	Sorry for my ignorance, but I'm new to struts.

	Finally, I have made the employeelist example work!
	The problem with the "Missing message for key index.title" error was that I
have another file in another proyect, that
was in the classpath too. And WTE found it first, and it tried to find the
index.title key in that file, and it couldn't.
	So, to solve the problem, I renamed that file in the other project, and WTE
started to work with the emploeyeelist's resources.

	My conclusion is that if it exists 2 or more properties files with the same
name for different projects in the classpath, WTE will take the first, or at
least, only one of them.

	If somebody has another conclusion.....thanks!

	I hope this will help somebody else.



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De: McIvor, David (LIT) []
Enviado el: miércoles, 01 de agosto de 2001 6:14
Para: ''
Asunto: RE: Problem with Struts in VAJ 3.5.3 WTE

I think this file can be located any where, however it must also be added to
Visual Age as a resource.  To add as a resource...

Go to the Resource Tab and select the required project.
Right click on the project you want to add the file to and select
Browse to the directory holding the file and
click OK.
Select the file and click OK.

I wasn't able to get the employeelist example working, but I did get the
"strut-example" application working.  I found the "strut-example" code much
easier to work with.


David McIvor
Experienced Software Developer

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From: Maria Laura Velazquez []
Sent: 31 July 2001 21:11
Subject: RE: Problem with Struts in VAJ 3.5.3 WTE

	I'm María Laura, and I have the problem mentioned here: the
app index.jsp page throws the following error:

Mensaje: Server caught unhandled exception from servlet [jsp]: Missing
message for key index.title

	Firstly, I edited the files, adding
the key
index.title, because it wasn't here.

	Second, I have added the extra-path:
c:\archivos de programa/ibm/visualage for java/ide/project_resources/ibm
websphere test environment/hosts/default_host/employeelist/WEB-INF/classes

and the following directory structure :

					*.tld, *.xml, *.dtd

					*.tld, *.xml, *.dtd

	And it didn't work.

	Also, I edited the EmployeeEdit.jsp page and added the following
line (that
appears in index.jsp):

		<title><bean:message key="index.title"/></title>

	Surprisingly, I hadn't the error for the key index.title, but the
title for
my page was: <bean:message key="index.title"/> !!!

	Has anybody some idea about this? how can I solve this problem?

	Excuse me for my english.



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De: Lock, Steven []
Enviado el: jueves, 21 de junio de 2001 10:57
Asunto: Re: Problem with Struts in VAJ 3.5.3 WTE


Thanks John, I tried recreating the directory structure of your webapp but
it unfortunately didn't help (I take it your employeelist webapp thus has
a document root of $approot$/web is that correct?).

Igor, that you have it working without changes makes me think that there
may be something wrong with my setup.

This is my webapp definition:

<websphere-webgroup name="employeelist">
       <description>EmployeeList Webgroup</description>
       <auto-reload enabled="true" polling-interval="3000"/>

and my directory structure:



    ->all the .XML, .DTD and .TLD files


I also have

<va root>/ide/project_resources/ibm websphere test
<va root>/ide/project_resources/ibm websphere test

in the extra directories list.

The webapp itself works ok (I tested the HelloWorld servlet).

Is index.jsp necessary for the employeelist demo?



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Von: Karmanov, Igor [mailto:KarmanovI@JUSTICE.GC.CA]
Gesendet am: Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2001 14:49
Betreff: RE: Problem with Struts in VAJ 3.5.3 WTE

I've got the employeelist working fine in WTE 3.5.3 without any changes and
now I'm testing my app with the same structure.
It looks like the key for access to file is
to put the following in extra class path in WTE:

d:/program files/ibm/visualage for java/ide/project_resources/ibm websphere
test environment/hosts/default_host/myApp/WEB-INF/classes

Igor Karmanov

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	O'Neill, John H [SMTP:JohnH.O']
> Sent:	June 21, 2001 08:38:AM
> To:	''
> Subject:	RE: Problem with Struts in VAJ 3.5.3 WTE
> Hi Steve,
> I had this very same problem yesterday with a different example. Though I
> got lots of suggestions (thanks to everyone) on how to fix this issue none
> of what was suggested worked. I eventually started to try a diferrent
> example (the employeelist one you are using) and I had no problems with
> that. I don't understand what is going on fully but from what was
> suggested
> yesterday the problem seems to stem from where you put the
> file in your directory structure and what
> value you give the 'application' attribute in your .webapp file for the
> ActionServlet servlet (should be ApplicationResources).
> Here is my directory structure....
> 	employeelist
> 		web
>              	jsp
>               	Web-inf
> 		     		classes
> 		Web-inf
> 			classes
> I have the ApplicationResources.propeties file in both of the classes
> directory.
> I would like to find out what is going on more fully here also so if
> anyone
> has any more info I'd appreciate it...
> Hopefully this will help.
> John
> 	-----Original Message-----
> 	From:	Lock, Steven []
> 	Sent:	Thursday, June 21, 2001 12:51 PM
> 	To:
> 	Subject:	Problem with Struts in VAJ 3.5.3 WTE
> 	Hello
> 	I'm trying to get the IBM employeelist struts demo working under the
> 	WebSphere Test Environment
> 	of VisualAge 3.5.3.
> 	The tutorial on the VA Developer Domain states that the employeelist
> webapp
> 	should come with an
> 	index.html file but there is only an index.jsp.
> 	Calling this .jsp gives the following error:
> 	javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: Missing message for key index.title
> 	java.lang.Throwable(java.lang.String)
> 	java.lang.Exception(java.lang.String)
> 	javax.servlet.jsp.JspException(java.lang.String)
> 	int org.apache.struts.taglib.bean.MessageTag.doStartTag()
> 	blah blah
> 	Does anybody recognise this problem and has anyone got the demo
> working
> 	under the WTE in 3.5.3?
> 	I appreciate any help offered.
> 	Thanks
> 	Steve

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