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From "Michael Skariah" <>
Subject Maintaining an array...
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2001 02:39:08 GMT
Hello all,
I would like to create 'n' number of <html:text property="test"
maxlength="10"/> dynamically (where n is greater than 0).  I also would like
to maintain the same property name for all the 'n' <html:text> I create. Is
that possible? If yes, how will I be able to get these values in the
ActionForm and what will be my property type in ActionForm.
Here were are going to provide the user the flexibility to add n number of
<html:text> tags dynamically. But question is , how are we going to handle
these n number of tags.

I think I read about this issue mentioned by someone long time ago, but
somehow I am not able to recollect it.
Thanks a million.

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