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From "Jeff Bannister" <>
Subject Experience of using Struts and custom tag libraries to divide...
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2001 11:36:19 GMT

I am currently development a web based application. The look & feel aspects
of the application are to be written by a third party company, and the Java
work is to be done in house. I have the following key goals...

1) JSPs written by thrid party company should not be modified in house
they are delivered i.e. They must be fully functional Struts JSPs, using
Struts custom tags etc
2) The third party company should be shielded from as much of the MVC
complexity and Java stuff as possible, and thier skills are really HTML.
3) The third party company must be able to view the resulting HTML from the
Struts JSP's, i.e. They must be able to run and view the JSPs they

The problems I face it that in order to create JSP's for Struts that are
fully functional and runnable the JavaBeans, and Struts classes must exist.
For example I want the third party company to use the bean:message tag to
cater for Internationalisation but the documents imply that I must create
and setup a servlet for use this feature.

Can Struts JSP's be called directly in order to just view the resulting
HTML, or will I have to create servlet, and beans etc ?

What's the easiest way of dividing the Web Tier work between web smiths and
the Java developers ?

Comments ?


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