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From "Daniel Toms" <>
Subject anyway to flush the MessageResources?
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2001 00:14:02 GMT

Is there any way to flush the message resources cache?

My requirement is to be able to dynamically edit labels
without bouncing the servlet container.  I have my own
MessageResources implementation that connects to our
own dictionary which is loaded from the db.  So the 
problem is that even though I have changed a value associated
with a key and it is persisted to the db, the new call
never gets made due to the caching in the method below.  I am using 
the struts 1.0 release.

Right now I am thinking the only solution is to subclass ActionServlet,
and then provide a public wrapper for the initApplication() method, so 
that I can call it from an action class, but I just want to make sure there
isn't an easier way, as I have been avoiding subclassing the ActionServlet
for a few months now ;)



   public String getMessage(Locale locale, String key, Object args[]) {

	// Cache MessageFormat instances as they are accessed
        if (locale == null)
            locale = defaultLocale;
	MessageFormat format = null;
	String formatKey = messageKey(locale, key);
	synchronized (formats) {
	    format = (MessageFormat) formats.get(formatKey);
	    if (format == null) {
		String formatString = getMessage(locale, key);
		if (formatString == null) {
		    if (returnNull)
			return (null);
			return ("???" + formatKey + "???");
		format = new MessageFormat(formatString);
		formats.put(formatKey, format);

	return (format.format(args));


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