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From (Kurt Olsen)
Subject RE: looking for success stories
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2001 18:45:38 GMT

Eric, Our company is using struts for 3 different web applications, travel
industry stuff, one for consumers, one for airline agents, and one for
administration of travel inventory. They're up, they work, they haven't been
exposed to tons-of-users yet but we like'em.

I did most of the development of these web clients and have to say that
they're easy to understand, easy to work on, and can't think of anything
coming my way that would kill the apps once a lot of users are online.
Nothing that another server can't solve in any case!

I'll try to get permission after release to mention our experiences etc.
from mgt. (we have to regard struts as a competitive advantage, really it

In any case, I found it, I recommended it, my butt is online and I'm still
employed, the boss is happy, the contractor who did the admin web-app (using
struts) liked it. All is well!

Kurt Olsen
808 945-3313 x121

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Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2001 10:06 AM
Subject: looking for success stories


We are currently in the early design stages of an extremely high profile
application and I am considering using Struts.  I have used it in the past
for several very small applications with no more than a couple concurrent
users.  But since we only get one

shot at making this application work (or we'll all be out on our arses) I
must make a very convincing case for Struts.

Does anyone have any success stories that they'd like to share?  Or can
anyone point me in the direction of any articles or web pages or whatever
where I may find info?

By the way, we are going to deploy on Websphere (we're currently on 3.5.3
but will hopefully move to 4.0 before we roll it out) so I'd be especially
interested if anyone has successfully deployed on WAS.

-Eric Stievater

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