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From "Becky Moyer" <>
Subject String and Multiboxes
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2001 16:13:19 GMT
I think this is what you need.  This is talked about in other messages in 
the mailing list, but this is hopefully a summary.

The array of strings that represents the checked boxes will only contain 
strings representing the boxed that were checked.
As an example - the X's represent checked boxes.

String 1 X
String 2
String 3 X
String 4

You'd then have 2 arrays.  The one array contains the labels (String 1, 
String 2, String 3, String 4), and the checked array would have (String 1, 
String 3).  Thus, you always have to pass along your labels as well as the 
checked values.

I don't really have time to look through your source, and will be out of 
town for a while, but from your email, this seems to be the issue.

Hope it helps,

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From: Mrinal Ghosh []
Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2001 10:26 AM
To: ''

Hi Becky,

My name is Mrinal. I was going thru Multibox confusion after reading Struts
mail-archive . Seems like you have resolved the problem. Same type of
problem I am facing while using multibox in Struts framework. Let me give
you little details :

I have an array of object which I want to display on my jsp page, also I
want to show check box, which I have defined as a String array in my Form

Page is coming fine but after clicking some of the check box and submitting
the form, I am getting the String Array for check box with different length.

May be I am unable to make you understand my problem therefore I am sending
you my ActionClass, ActionForm and JSP.

My Question is : How I can get the Same String Array for check box with
changed value ?

<<business_unit_lst.jsp>>  <<>>

It will be grate if you can help to resolv the problem



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