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From "Tim Colson" <>
Subject RE: Taglibs decrease the separation between designer and developer?
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2001 18:58:50 GMT
Chris -

> Assenza, Chris wrote :
> I generally would not let [Designers] edit JSP's at all taglibs or not,
> unless they had experience with JSP or ASP.
Yikes. ;-)  I agree partially - I too have a dim view that Designers can
effectively modify JSP files w/ or w/o taglibs. But I think that in an ideal
world the Designer _should_ be able to update the View directly without a
developer intermediary as suggested.

> While it
> may not be ideal or efficient to do so, I find that it is much better for
> the designers to provide me with a mockup and I'll deal with the HTML.

When the mockup changes by a word or two - the Developer can easily make the

However - when the changes are dramatic - the Developer must do a massive
manual-eyeball diff between the new mockup and the JSP. Efficiency is not
the term that usually pops in my head at that point. <grin>

Maybe I'm the minority - but my ideal world is where the View can be built
100% by a Designer.

(BTW - if your definition of "Designer" is someone who does mockups in
PhotoShop and can't learn or use simple looping/logic concepts, then ammend
the role to "Smart Designer" or "Junior Developer". ;-)

The Answer: JSP / JSP & StrutsTaglibs / Templates (Velocity, WebMacro,
Disney's Tea, etc.) / Alien Technology / 42???

 I doubt JSP will be the answer. JSP & Struts or "standard" Taglibs might
work - I'm curious to see the how the JSR-052 and Struts tags evolve,
especially to handle non-HTML output (WML anyone?)

 From what's available now - I'd put my money on a simple to use template
system like Velocity to do the trick.


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