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From "Juha Paananen" <>
Subject STRUTS and EJB
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2001 16:26:45 GMT

I'm new to the list, so please forgive me if my question is old or just

Have you used Struts in combination with EJBs? I have found it pretty
hard in the case where I have:

 - WLS6 server
 - n-tier architecture, where mostly session EJB's are used to interact
with a relational db

I want to fill in a form JavaBean using a struts form, and after
validating it in my Action class, store it into the db using a session
EJB component. The proble here is that I have to extend ActionForm class
to make the bean work with Struts. This forces me to add Struts class
also on the EJB classpath. I also have to put my ActionForm and Action
classes on the EJB classpath. Now that I have them on the EJB classpath,
and EJB classloader is parent of web classloader (in WLS at least), my
web form classes won't be reloaded automatically when I change the code
inside, because the classes were loaded by the EJB classloader.

Got it?

To put it simply, I wonder why it is necessary to extend ActionForm in
my bean.. This obligation makes development much slower, if I still want
to send my form bean to the EJB for storing..


Juha Paananen
Software Engineer

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