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From "Kent Roylance" <>
Subject RE: Struts with WebSphere 4.0 on Win2000
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2001 14:59:29 GMT

Appreciate the info because I know it takes time to figure out and is hard
to come by.

Thanks again,


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From: Assenza, Chris []
Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2001 8:55 AM
To: ''
Subject: RE: Struts with WebSphere 4.0 on Win2000


We aren't using VAJ (currently) so I can't vouch for the WTE, although it is
supposed to be identical to the single-server free license you can d/l from
the IBM site.

For 4.0 there ARE no long-winded "extra" steps believe it or not.  It's been
a while since I last played with it but you just need to package a J2EE
compliant EAR or WAR file and use the Application Assembly tool to "Generate
Code for Deployment" (If I recall the menu option correctly).  The DTD thing
is no longer an issue, at least from my experience. It is really quite easy.

I compiled some PRELIMINARY steps for our own application and have included
them here.  They take place after the EAR file has been made "deployable" by
the AA tool. :)  Please don't take them as the absolute only and best way to
get the job done, they stem from early experimenting. :)  Since so many
people seem to be asking I might just go home tonight and try to formalize
the whole process. :)

Brief Preliminary Deployment Instructions for WAS 4.0

·	Deploy Application
	o	Install WebSphere 4.0
	o	Once completed and system is restarted (if necessary): Start
the WebSphere service 		(startServer.bat on NT, probably on Unix)
	o	After the server has started, log onto the web-based
Administration Console 			(http://localhost:9090/admin).
	o	Next, expand "Nodes" on the left.
	o	Click on Enterprise Applications
	o	Click on Install
	o	Browse to the file Deployed_app.ear that you created with
the AA tool.
	o	Select the file follow the steps the console takes you
		§	Click next on EJB deployment screen.
		§	Click next on the Web Module deployment screen
(change your preference on 			pre-compiling if you so
		§	On the next screen, allow WebSphere to redeploy
YourApp-ejb.jar by leaving 			the box checked and clicking
next. (ed: Not sure if this step is necessary)
		§	Review the settings and click Finish when ready.
·	Once finished, begin JDBC configuration. (for Oracle)
	o	Expand Resources in the left navigation area.
	o	Click "JDBC Drivers"
	o	Click "New"
		§	The Server Class Path is the location of (Oracle's JDBC 				drivers) on the
		§	Name is: "OracleJdbcDriver"
		§	Implementation Classname is:
	o	Click Ok to add the driver.
		o	Expand the newly created "OracleJdbcDriver" in the
left navigation area.
	o	Click on "Data Sources"
	o	Click "New"
		§	Name is: somePool
		§	JNDI Name is: jdbc/somePool
		§	Default Userid is: someId
		§	Defaults Password is: somePass
		§	All others left blank/default.
	o	Click Ok to add the Data Source.
	o	From the Data Source screen, click on somePool.
	o	Click on Property Set (on the bottom).
	o	Click Resource Properties
	o	Click "New"
		§	Name is: URL
		§	Type is: java.lang.String
		§	Value is: jdbc:oracle:thin:user/pass@host:port:sid
				·	user/pass are the username/password
				·	host is the IP address of the Oracle
DB Server
				·	port is the port on which Oracle is
listening (ex. 1521).
				·	sid is the Oracle SID or name for
the database
	o	Click Ok until you've reached the Data Source Screen.
·	Complete Deployment
	o	Click "Save" on the nav-bar at the top of the screen.
	o	Select server-config.xml (or the top option) and click Ok.
	o	Stop and then restart the WebSphere AppServer.
·	Once started, go to http://someIpAddress/appname/file.jsp to test
the deployment.


Christopher Assenza
Phone:	412.201.6026
Fax:     412.201.6060
Moving Your Business from Point A to Point e.SM

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From: []
Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2001 10:36 AM
Subject: RE: Struts with WebSphere 4.0 on Win2000


I've managed to get this running in VAJ 4.0(WTE), but for some reason, I'm
missing some step somewhere in getting it to run in WAS 4.0.

Do you (or anyone else watching), by chance have step-by-step intstructions
for getting the example app running in 4.0?  I've heard various piecies,
like needing to change the xml describing the dtd's to use SYSTEM, and that
WAS has a problem with the FormTag class (and that there's a 2 line fix),
etc.... and I was wondering if anyone had put all the pieces together along
with the values to enter for the console when installing the ear file.
(ASIDE: What makes this even more frustrating is I'm just learning the new
WAS 4.0 tools after finally getting used to the 3.5.x ones.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Getting frustrated,
Stephen :-{)

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