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From "Calvin Yu" <>
Subject Re: Custom tags hiding JSP error messages
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2001 17:56:56 GMT

Usually when struts taglib captures an error, it is stored as a request
attribute under the key Action.EXCEPTION_KEY.  What I ended up doing is
write a custom error JSP and set that as my default error page in

I'm not sure if the template taglibs are storing their exception there


On 01 Aug 2001 09:44:29 -0700, Jamie Tsao wrote:

    I was curious whether other people encountered this problem.  I've
    used tag libraries before, and am currently using struts' template
    tag library.  I have found that runtime JSP errors, such as null
    pointer exceptions, are hard to debug because the custom tags "hide"
    the error message.  The only message that usually comes up is a
    JSPException, which isn't really too helpful.  Without custom tags,
    you get exact line numbers with exact errors
    (NullPointerException).  Perhaps I'm doing something wrong.  Can
    anybody give an opinion ?



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