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From "Prior, Simon" <>
Subject JSP:Include and struts
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2001 12:28:18 GMT
Hi Guys,

I have a question which seems to me to be a common thing to do with websites
but wondered how you guys did it with struts.

Basically, I want to inlude a navigation menu in my jsps that will be
present on every page in the site.  
>From this navigation menu I want to be able to go via struts to prepare
information for and consequently display the relevant jsp according to the
users selection.  To do this I will need an action form and have it
interrogated by an action in the usual struts manner.  

My question is this, if the navigation menu is present on every page how do
I distinguish which action and action form to go to?  If a submittable page
is displayed (with the navigation menu above it obviously) and is submitted
it will have its own action form and action which won't handle the
navigation options.

I don't want to have code in each action form throughout the site to deal
with the navigation menu but at the minute I am unsure how to proceed.  One
option is to have a separate action form for the navigation bar and one each
for the pages displayed underneath it.

Hope this made some sort of sense! Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,

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