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From Bryan Field-Elliot <>
Subject Re: Performance, Reflection, and Object Creation vs. Cacheing
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2001 18:00:05 GMT
Thanks for the insights Ted,

Please help me if I'm misinterpreting. But looking at your code, it 
seems like your "populate" still takes a plain Bean as it's destination, 
although it can use a property set (in this case, a ResultSet) as the 
source. This reduces the proliferation of Value (or other Bean) classes 
by 50%, but not 100%. In your scenario, which set of beans still need to 
be developed as plain old beans rather than dynamic sets of properties 
(e.g. the Entity beans, the Value Objects, or the Struts Form Beans, etc?)?


Ted Husted wrote:

>    public static void populate(Object bean,
>                                ResultSet resultSet)

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