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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: Place all Java ServerPages below WEB-INF
Date Sun, 26 Aug 2001 18:49:55 GMT
That directory structure doesn't look quite right to me. Usually, the
URL would be 

[can't get there from here ;-)]

where there may have been a myApp.war that deployed the application. 


Matt Raible wrote:
> In Ted Husted's Catalog at, he
> states the following:
> Place all Java ServerPages below WEB-INF
> The container provides security for all files below WEB-INF. This applies to
> client requests, but not forwards from the ActionServlet. Placing all JSPs
> below WEB-INF ensure that they are only accessed through Actions, and not
> directly by the client or each other. This allows security to be moved up into
> the Controller, where it can be handled more efficiently, and out of the base
> presentation layer.
> I have done this and put all my pages at WEB-INF/pages.  However, I can still
> get to them by typing http://localhost/NASApp/myApp/WEB-INF/pages/pageName.jsp
> - so I don't see how "security is provided."  Maybe it's an iPlanet thing, but
> here is my directory structure:
>      - app
>           - wardir
>                - WEB-INF
>                - pages
>           - eardir
> Thanks,
> Matt

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