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From Rogerio Saran <>
Subject Re: looking for success stories
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2001 15:33:03 GMT
Eric, like most Strus users I started to study and test the framework
from the late betas, and also have used it on some small applications.

In april we decided to port our content aggregation portal to Struts,
and last month we deployed the first "99% Struts based" version of this
application. Take a look at

We actually handle low traffic (for a public service) - about 5000
registered users, 300 logins/day, 128 kb/s (outbound) and 640 kb/s
(inbound) average bandwidth usage on office hours. Everything runs
smoothly and Struts made the application really easy to mantain.

Thi site is a demonstration for our content aggregation technology. It
is also a test environment to ensure the architecture will stand up with
higher loads. Our goal is to handle 50k page requests/day on this setup
(25 times our curent load).

We are about to lease our technology to 2 large banks in Brazil and
these guys will offer it to 100-200k users. I hope this will be a real
"success story". For now I can tell you we just do not worry about
Struts, because it is such a fine piece of software.

We actually deploy our application on a single machine using with
Solaris 8 x86 MU4, Apache 1.3.19, Sun JDK 1.3.0, Resin 1.2.5 and Struts
1.0. These componentes proved to be extremely stable and highly

A note on servlet containers: nothing against Websphere, it is ok. But
we picked Resin because it is cheap, fast, stable, and specialy:

1. Is highly compliant with the latest JSP/Servlet specifications. (Not
WAS best feature)

2. Their technical support is really responsive. I am not talking about
support channels, filing requests or on-line faqs, anyone can do this. I
am impressed because I have seen critical patches being created and
published overnight. Just check

*Saran wrote:
> Hello,
> We are currently in the early design stages of an extremely high profile application
and I am considering using Struts.  I have used it in the past for several very small applications
with no more than a couple concurrent users.  But since we only get one
> shot at making this application work (or we'll all be out on our arses) I must make a
very convincing case for Struts.
> Does anyone have any success stories that they'd like to share?  Or can anyone point
me in the direction of any articles or web pages or whatever where I may find info?
> By the way, we are going to deploy on Websphere (we're currently on 3.5.3 but will hopefully
move to 4.0 before we roll it out) so I'd be especially interested if anyone has successfully
deployed on WAS.
> Thanks!
> -Eric Stievater
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