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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: Building struts UIs
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2001 12:39:02 GMT
There's been an initial discussion of a related topic on DEV. Look for
"Struts Code Generators" at One question here is
whether we should hookup with Torque, which is reducing it's
dependancies on Turbine. 

Though this is more about generating pages and classes, rather than
producing them dynamically. 

So far, the focus has been using JSPs for the presentation layer. The
thing to watch for on a dynamic page, would be the links to the
ActionMappings and what not. But given what's been done with hooking up
Velocity to Struts, other presentation devices should be possible too.

Will Spies/Towers Perrin wrote:
> I have a generic question. We use struts. Struts *really* doesn't help much
> with rapidly building UIs. I'm sure everyone here realizes this. I do not
> want to abandon struts, I've have had great experience with it but I also
> would like a way to build a mechanism to rapidly automatic the building of
> HTML forms. A brute force way would be to build my own meta-XML data and
> combine that with XSLT to generate HTML pages dynamically. But, before I go
> off an build anything I wanted to ask around first to see if anyone was
> doing the same thing, new of any open source tools, 3rd party tools, etc...
> Any info is appreciated and thanks in advance for any help,
> Will

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