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From Rodney Smith <>
Subject RE: Re: Struts ActionServlet
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2001 12:52:23 GMT
Hi Ted,

Thanks for the fast and perfect answers to my questions that does seem to
fill a few of the caps in my understanding of Struts. I need to just confirm
with you just one thing. Could you define the container for me please, is that
e.g.DB2 MDB EJB??? and that passes onto the Actionservlet
controller.ActionServlet Controller then delegates to the specific source that is specified
the strutsconfig.xml --- e.g. Global Forwarding and or Action Mapping? 

I thought that all request from the user had to go through the ActionSevlet
and that delegates the request to a JavaBean. The Java Bean collects teh
needed data to satisfy the request, by making calls to container 'EJB'or
'Database'and that returns back to the ActionServlet and the ActionServlet forwards
that onto the JSP, which construts the HTML response.....

I am unsure about this, could you clarify that please..
Thanks for your time Ted and have a great day.

Kind Regards
Rodney Smith

Struts uses a single ActionServlet. In the web.xml you can configure
your application to send request for various file patterns to the Struts
ActionSevlet. Usually these are either requests for URI's mathching *.do
or /do/*

The build.xml is used by Ant to compile an application. The web.xml is
read at start-up, along with the struts-config.xml. The
struts-config.xml is reloadable. I believe some containers may allow you
to also reload an application. 

The container receives all requests first, and then decides what to do
with them. When a request matches the file pattern registered to the
ActionServlet, the container forwards it on. The ActionSerlvet then
consults the Struts ActionMappings, and calls the appropriate Action. 

Rodney Smith wrote:
> Hallo,
> I have another question, I am using tomcat 3.2 in windows 2000 and I have
> tested an example of struts on my computer and it works fine, but now I am
> breaking down to understand the infrustracture.
> When the user clicks in the index.jsp page does that go straight to the
> Action Servlet, but is there a specific path that the Action Servlet uses
for the
> request. The example I have has logonform, registrationform, caterlogform
> etc,
> So my question is when a request goes straight to the Action Servlet?
> Or does the request goes through other specific paths and then to Action
> servlet what is the sequence of events does it do, so is that sequence
> the strutsconfig.xml, starting with form beans then action mapping then
> global forwarding, is that correct. Is the web.xml or build.xml used after
> webapplication is loaded? That is if a request goes through is the web.xml
> build.xml used again for anything?
> Thanks again for everyones help have a great day.
> Kind Regards
> Rodney Smith
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