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Subject Re: html:radio tag indexed? - changes attached
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2001 17:12:48 GMT

The changes should be added to the nightly build in the next few days, but for
those that can't wait....just replace these files in the current nightly build
source, build it, and Bob's your Uncle!


(See attached file:
---------------------- Forwarded by David Hay/Lex/Lexmark on 08/23/2001 01:07 PM

David Hay
08/22/2001 06:16 PM


Subject:  Re: html:radio tag indexed?  (Document link: David Hay)

Hi.  Have just replied to Nathan's post on the dev list.

I will make the changes to textAreas and radio buttons, and get them added to
nightly build.



"Princeton Lau" <> on 08/22/2001 04:01:37 PM

Please respond to

To:   "''"
cc:    (bcc: David Hay/Lex/Lexmark)
Subject:  html:radio tag indexed?

Hello everyone and especially Dave Hays,

Has anyone tried updating the html:radio Struts tag to produce indexed
names?  I am currently making a multiple choice survey application and
having an indexed radio button would be great!



I have now finished updating several html Struts tags to produce indexed
such as

<input type="text" name="parameter[0].value" value="Mac">

when used within an iterate tag. These tags involve only minor changes to
existing tags, and to trigger them, "indexed=true" is added to the tag.

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