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From "Gregor Rayman" <>
Subject Re: String as Index
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2001 18:12:25 GMT
Hi Fracois,

so I've hacked a bit in the beanutils package and now struts does work 
perfectly with your string based properties. No need to change struts,
it is enough to change beanutils.

What I dit was:

- I've renamed the original BeanUtils class to OriginalPropertyUtils.
- I replaced PropertyUtils with your BeanUtils and all delegation to 
  PropertyUtils with the delegation to OriginalPropertyUtils 

(better approch would be to merge the two calsses. I'll do it later if 

- I've changed the StringKeyedPropertyDestrciptor to inherit from
- made PropertyUtils getPropertyDescriptor to return it.
- changed the method BeanProperties.populate

Now I can use string keyed properties in Struts. The source code however
is quite messy now. 


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