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From "Gogineni, Pratima" <>
Subject RE: thread problems?
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2001 20:21:31 GMT
I just put in an error message saying you are asking for something that
doesnt exist - I never really expected to see this scenario when I put in
this message. The arrayIndexOutofBounds happens if I dont catch htis case. 

Let me put it this way: I am displaying values 1-10 in a page. I post an
action that changes the number of values to be displayed to 5 so a new bean
with just five values is manufactured and put in the session - in the
meanwhile the second click is forwarded by the actionservlet through the
requestUtils to the BeanUtil to look for the accessors and mutators for
values 1-10 but we have now have only 5 values in the bean so this is an
error condition. 

The properties object sent to the BeanUtil seems to be sent from the old
form bean which had 10 values but the new form bean has only 5 values

-----Original Message-----
From: David Winterfeldt []
Sent: Monday, July 16, 2001 11:52 AM
Subject: Re: thread problems?

It sounds like you are throwing an Exception of some
sort from you ActionForm?  Is that right?  The
ActionForm should just be a container to hold the
values from the form.


--- "Gogineni, Pratima" <>
> Hi,
> I have been fighting with the following situation
> and would appreciate any
> ideas/suggestions.
> I have a session scoped form bean "FBean", a jsp
> page that displays it
> "dispFBean" & an action FBeanAction.
> I have inserted transactional tokens to take care of
> duplicate posting. 
> After changing a value in dispFBean, an enter or/and
> a click work fine &
> they do the same thing ie. call FBeanAction.
> when the 2 events are done in rapid succession - one
> event executes fine
> while the other event throws an exception because it
> is trying to access
> row#5 where as the previous action changed the
> number of rows to 4.
> Unfortunately the transactional tokens cant take
> care of this since this
> error is being thrown in BeanUtils.populate before
> it ever reaches an
> FBeanAction instance.
> I also tried declaring the jsp page threadsafe to
> check if that is the
> problem. 
> Also note that the FBeanAction replaces FBean with a
> new Instance of FBean.
> Thanks
> Pratima

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