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From "Prior, Simon" <>
Subject Project startup advice
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2001 09:11:16 GMT
Hi Guys,

I am starting a new project and am going to use struts as the framework and
ant as the build tool.  The project is going to be fairly large (having
several subprojects) and as such I need to have a well structured
development heirarchy for development of EJB's, JSP's etc.  I would like
some advice on how best to partition the source files, project
documentation, jar files, dtd's, tld's etc.  Currently I see the project
being War'd up and deployed by ant automatically and wondered what the best
way to write the build script was, maybe each subproject having its own
build.xml and a recursive call to them?

My question at a basic level is, when starting a new project, how do you
structure your development directory heirarchy to aid clarity and ease of
build (any automation ideas would be most appreciated).

Thanks in advance,

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