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From "Gregor Rayman" <>
Subject Re: <html:form> & scripting variable
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2001 22:25:55 GMT
"Erik Hatcher" <> wrote:

> > Perhaps. But sometimes I just want to use the form in a scriplet.
> Perhaps?   Well, it DOES create a page scoped attribute - no perhaps about
> it! :)   I checked the source,

OK, ok :-)

> > Now I have to either covert the attribute to local variable or
> > use <bean:define>. Why not just create the variable like <bean:define>
> > does?
> But one of the main purposes of Struts is to get away from using

I agree. There are tasks where no scriplets are necessary so they should
not be used. Sometime however avoiding a scriplet is not easy, and writing
custom tags with the sole purpose to avoid one scriplet in one jsp sounds
like overkill.

But I still can access the form bean in scriplet, only the scriplet is
more complicated and error prone. And when so many other structs tags define
scriplet varibales, why should not <html:form> do it too?


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