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Subject Re: WLS5.1/SP8 Problem defining JSP class
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2001 05:59:45 GMT

Hi Matthias,

Thanks for your quick response.

I am attaching the complete error details, any help would be much

(See attached file: error.txt)

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                    <make@BESToff        cc:                                          
          >              Subject:     Re: WLS5.1/SP8 Problem defining JSP
                    04:57 AM                                                             
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> I have successfully implemented the struts example on Apache/Tomcat but
> able to the same on WebLogic 5.1. I am getting the error:
> Problem defining JSP class
> java.lang.NullPointerException
> at weblogic..servlet.jsp.OneOffJspLoader.<init><>

Looks like a classpath problem. Anyway, a full stack trace would be helpful
to track your problem down to it's cause.

Hopefully installing the fix becomes obsolete with SP9. SP9 should be
out real soon now. If(!) you've installed Struts in the correct place
and have configured your classpaths correctly, you should probably wait
until SP9 is officially released.

Matthias                        (

> PS. I have applied the fix published in the mailing list for WLS5.1/SP8

PS: The fix leaves (at least) two bugs open, one leading to trouble with
    the <html:html> tag and another one, that disables the use of
    empty <auth-constraint> elements in web-application (DDs).

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