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Subject Another newbie question
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2001 22:28:36 GMT

I am having troubles running the hello-world app from the struts trail 
map at
The basic directory setup is this
hello-world \WEB-INF        \ lib       \ classes \ helloworld
hello.jsp   struts-bean.tld struts.jar           HelloWorldResources.p.

where HelloWorldResources.p = properties (just fitting on one line)

I have one jsp, hello.jsp which just uses a <bean:message> to display a 
line from the properties file.

Anyway, when ran in tomcat 3.2.1, I get the error 'cannot load servlet 
name: action'.
This corresponds to my web.xml, which is just a normal descriptor.
This error does not effect this simple example, but I think it is what 
is stuffing up my others.
Any help on the cause/remedy of this? 
When running a sample logon app, I get errors such as could not find 
ActionBean and ActionForward etc....
All the example apps distributed with struts work fine.

Any help appreciated. 
Thanks, Joel.

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