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From "Assenza, Chris" <>
Subject RE: CVS directory structure
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2001 18:45:38 GMT
How it is deployed in production and how you develop will probably look
different.  I prefer to have a tree such as:

Project Name
	- build
	- dist
	- doc
	- src
		- bin
			* stuff for building app (you should use ANT IMO) or
other executable utils (like bat files)
		- com
			* packages,etc. incl. utils, ejb's, all that.
		- docroot
			* JSP's, HTML, etc.
				*for external javascripts
				*for stylesheets
				*web.xml, tld's, etc.
					*libraries supporting web app, such
as struts.jar
		- lib
			* for full third-part distributions, like the whole, ant, jaxp, regexp. That way developers have consistent releases
available to them - no need to d/l and unzip. 
			* deployment descriptors for EJB's (if necessary),
application.xml (if necessary).

This type of setup has worked so far for me. If done correctly using ANT, it
will build into how it should look deployment wise, once there (it will do
this under build directory) ANT jars everything up and you should be able to
drop your war or ear into some server's deploy directory and that's that! :)

My $0.02 :)

-Chris Assenza

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From: Mitesh Mehta []
Sent: Friday, March 30, 2001 1:33 PM
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Cc: Mitesh Mehta
Subject: CVS directory structure

I am trying to figure out the CVS directory structure for a large
multi-component web application. 
I know that the Servlet/JSP specs prescribe a certain directory structure
that is used to build war files.  I am interested in knowing if any of you
have added to that structure or have any advise or pointers based on your
own experience.
Mitesh Mehta 
S1 Corp ( 

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