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From Allen Walker <>
Subject <html:link>
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2001 07:43:30 GMT
<html:form action="/updateTotal">
<logic:iterate id="item" name="cart" property="items" scope="session">

ISBN: <bean:write name="item" property="isbn" filter="true"/>
<html:link page="/" paramName="item" paramProperty="isbn">
<img src="images/trashCan.gif" width="18" height="26">


Ok, the line: <bean:write name="item" property="isbn" filter="true"/> works 
fine, displays the value, but the line:

<html:link page="/" paramName="item" paramProperty="isbn">

Doesnt add the isbn parameter, it renders it only as:
http://localhost:8080/test/ , I want it to render it as something 


Thanks for any help.

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