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From Girish Haran <>
Subject I want to de-session my STRUTS app
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2001 15:19:35 GMT
My app is currently heavily reliant on sessions and I want to reverse that so that
all bean passing is effected through the request object.
What is the easiest way to do this?

The action tag that is part of the STRUTS config scheme appears to have a scope
parameter that I thought is used by Struts html tags to get hold of the form
beans. Assuming that this was the case, I

   * added scope="request" in my actions
   * made sure that my aplication specific action classes (that inherit Action)
     place the form beans in the request

and kept my STRUTS HTML tags the same in the JSPs i.e no scope sepcification in
the form tag etc.

This did not work and I keep getting NullPointerException in (of
course, to test this I had to disable sessions in my app server (Resin))

The only way it works is if the STRUTS Form tags include the scope parameter to
point to request.

While I can change all my JSPs, I was wordering if there was a more elegant
solution to my problem.
Girish Haran
Director of Engineering
Bidder's Edge, Inc.
Where Smart Buying Begins
(781) 993-9193, X205

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