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From Alex Punyansky <>
Subject Forwards and frames
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2001 00:13:30 GMT

In my application I have two frames: menu frame and content frame. When
the user opens my application, he sees nothing in the menu frame and
login page in the content frame. When the user submits user id and
password, I display the next page in the content frame. The problem is
that I also need to update the menu frame to display the possible menu
options for that user. I don't think that I can use JavaScript to update
the contents of both frames because the menu frame requires existense of
user object in session, and it can't be guaranteed that user's object
will be initialized before the menu frame is loaded. Another problem
arises, when I check whether the user is logged in ( using custom
CheckLogonTag ). This tag forwards to /Logon.jsp in the content frame
only, if user's session expired or it can't find User object in session
but I also need to update the contents of the menu frame at this point,
so that there are no menu options in it.

Has anyone encountered and solved this kind of problem before?



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