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From Anwar Mehdi <>
Subject Using Struts With WebSphere.
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2001 15:26:48 GMT

    I don't know if this is the right place to post
the following question
although it seems more related to WebSphere. If this
is not the right place,
could some please guide me to the right newsgroup for
this. If it is then
here's my question.

I'm a new user to WebSphere/ IBM Visual Age and to
Struts and I understand that WebSphere
uses a Model-View-Controller model (Model II) as a
model for it's
Now I am researching into wether we should use 
another MVC on top of this.
Specifically my question boils down to : Is it a good
idea to build an
application from the ground up based on the Apache
Struts Model? If yes then
what is the use of the model that IBM already provides
and if no then why
not. Also if it's a good idea to use Struts then where
can I find more
information of using Struts WITH IBM Websphere?

Thanks a lot,

Anwar Mehdi,
Sengen Inc.
New Jersey, NJ.

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