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From "Jon Wilmoth" <>
Subject Multiple Submits per Form
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2001 17:37:59 GMT
After sifting through the archives, I only found one previous question about handling multiple
submit buttons in the same form.  The solution that was proposed, was to read the label of
the submit button present on the http request params to figure out which button was actually
submitted.  However, this will not work (gracefully*) with internationalization.  If the client
facing label, the "value" attribute of the submit jsp tag, is used to determine the code would
need to check for "Login", "Inloggen" (Dutch), "sich anmelden" (German), etc.  If I may suggest
a hidden field that is submitted (value set at button click by javascript) that is generated
by the form tag, with a constant for the name.  This decouples the presentation from the application
flow.  Thoughts?

*The most "graceful" solution I could think of would be to do a reverse lookup in the message
catalog for the local specific value.

Jon Wilmoth
Software Architect
eSage Group
(206) 264-5675  (Voice & Fax)

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