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From "Andrew Semprebon" <>
Subject Re: Oracle iAS 9i/Struts/BC4J
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2001 19:47:01 GMT
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From: "Darcy Schultz" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2001 12:59 PM
Subject: Oracle iAS 9i/Struts/BC4J

> We are starting to look at the possibility of
> combining these technologies and I would like to know
> if anyone has done this.  It seems most are using
> Tomcat and Struts and I'm a little worried about using
> Struts with Oracle's Servlets and JSP implementation
> (which I believe is based on JServ).

One of my clients is planning on using OAS as well. Although 
they include jServ (which only supports the 2.0 servlets spec), 
they also include their own 2.2 servlets container (OSE), so in 
theory it should run struts.

> <OffTopic> 
> If someone is currently using BC4J, could you please
> let me know if it's a real OO-Relational Mapping tool.
>  Everything I read, uses a rowset concept instead of
> object collections.  Is that the way this thing works?
> </OffTopic>

I played around with bc4j and wasn't very impressed. I think 
it's the sort of thing that is produced to make development 
look easy in a demo - you know, click on a few buttons in our 
IDE (JDeveloper) and out pops a fully formed application based 
on your database tables. Great if your application consists of a lot 
of CRUD (Create/Report/Update/Delete) of simple tables, and you
like the appearance of the application Oracle produces - too much
jumping from page to page for my tastes. Unfortunately, a lot of the 
look and feel is buried in BC4J component code, so its a pain to 
customize or do anything sophisticated. The documentation wasn't so 
hot, and it seemed like Oracle's BC4J message boards had a lot 
of comments from people who had started down that road and reached 
a dead end. Of course, it was almost a year ago that I looked into it, 
so things may have improved since then.

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