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From "Dan Miser" <>
Subject Admin actions
Date Sat, 03 Mar 2001 06:42:24 GMT
I used the default org.apache.struts.actions.AddFormBeanAction action (and others) from 1.0b1
with success. However, it appears that this just makes the added FormBean available for the
lifetime of the application. In other words, struts-config.xml is not updated to reflect the
dynamic actions you can take in the actions package.

I almost have a graphical interface to the admin actions done, but in order to make it truly
useful, I think automatic update of the config file needs to happen on unload (or even before).
Is there a technical reason preventing this from happening, or is it just implemented this
way for now? If it turns out to be an omission, I'll implement that as well to support the
admin application.

One other thing: I noticed that with Tomcat it's possible to get a list of webapps defined
for the engine. It appears that this is not a J2EE standard. Is that correct? If so, the admin
classes and config file changes would need to happen on a per-webapp basis. I'd prefer to
walk through the webapps and have a "struts-admin.war" file to do all of the administration.
I just don't think that will be feasible in a portable manner. Any opinions or advice?

Dan Miser

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