Peter, > I.E. 5.0 and 5.5 generate unique session ids for each simultaneous > browser session. However, both Netscape 4.7 and Netscape 6 return the > same Id. What do you mean by simultaneous browser sessions. If you create a new window CTL+N in IE5.0 you get the same id. (Is this simultaneous?) I thought that both netscape and IE generate new id's if you launch the browser from the desktop. I also thought both netscape and IE use the same id's if you create a new window from an existing window. I use IE5.0 for my testing and this is that way it works, at least with the build from 01-28-2001. I can create a new browser window from the current one and both have the same jsessionid. I'm using Tomcat4.0-m5 for my testing. I don't know what you are using. Are you using the for all of your links? And are you using for all of your actions? I found that if you don't you will have a problem. It's either all or nothing. If it's nothing your on your own. At least that has been my experience. Steve