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From "Johan Compagner" <>
Subject <bean:parameter> question
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 13:23:18 GMT

If the <bean:parameter> is used and the request parameter (the name
isn't found i don't want an exeception but i want the bean parameter to use
empty string ("").
So that after that all <bean:write> prints that empty string if the paramter
wasn't there.

I want this behaviour because if a specifiek paramater is specified i want
the title to include this parameter. But this is not a requiredment! If it
specified then noting must be added to the title (the jsp does after that a
<logic:present> and shows something if it is there.

Can't a simple property be added to <bean:parameter>?
like defaultvalue=""
Then i can specify that that value must be used when the parameter isn't


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