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From David Waddell <>
Subject RE: Forwarding to the callee page
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2001 18:50:24 GMT
your best approach is to use a field in the calling form with the url of the
you can get this from javax.servlet.http.HttpUtils ...


e.g. <input type="hidden" name="returnTo" value="<%=
HttpUtils.getRequestURL((HttpServletRequest)pageContext.getRequest()) %>" >

.. perhaps write a custom tag to render this might be useful..

your action class must then extract this from the request and construct a
new forward from it.

Alternative is to use the referrer property in the http request, but this is
only reliable where the user
has clicked directly on a link, ie. if they are using a bookmark or typing
in the url directly then your code will break..

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From: Kishore Subramanian []
Sent: 08 February 2001 00:24
To: ''
Subject: Forwarding to the callee page


Is there a way for an Action class to find out which page/action called it ?
Iam faced with a problem where the Action class should perform its work and
forward the page back to callee page.

Note - I cannot add any "forward" tags to this Action mapping because this
Action is part of a framework.

Any clues ?


Kishore Subramanian
Agile Software
Off : 408 999 7128

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