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From "Kramer, Gary" <>
Subject RE: session ids cont...
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 19:54:39 GMT
I had similiar problems.  You need to turn off the use of Cookies on your server (in Tomcat
this setting is in server.xml).   When the user opens 2 browsers, they will always have different
session ids in both IE and Netscape since the first URL they will use will not have a session
id included.  

If you open a new browser from another such as via JavaScript, you need to make
sure the URL is NOT encoded with the session id.  This will cause the server to start a new
session.   Unfortunately, all the Struts tags dealing with URLs (Form, Link, etc.) always
encode, so you can't use them when creating the new URL.


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From: Peter Alfors
Sent: 2/1/01 2:28 PM
Subject: Re: session ids cont...

"Steven D. Wilkinson" wrote:

> Peter,
> > I.E. 5.0 and 5.5 generate unique session ids for each simultaneous
> > browser session.  However, both Netscape 4.7 and Netscape 6 return
> > same Id.

> What do you mean by simultaneous browser sessions.  If you create a
new window
> CTL+N in IE5.0 you get the same id. (Is this simultaneous?)

If I start Netscape 4.7 from my desktop (2 instances of it) and go to
the same page
in my webapp.  I can printout the session id on the screen.  Both
browser instances
will have the same session id.
However, two instances of IE 5.0 will have different IDs.  (this is what
I want).

> I thought that both netscape and IE generate new id's if you launch
the browser
> from the desktop.  I also thought both netscape and IE use the same
id's if you
> create a new window from an existing window.

I haven't tried creating a new window from either netscape or IE.  But
if this will
cause both windows to have the same session, then this is something I
need to
handle also.

> I use IE5.0 for my testing and this is that way it works, at least
with the
> build from 01-28-2001.  I can create a new browser window from the
current one
> and both have the same jsessionid.

I am using IE 5.0 & 5.5 and Netscape 4.7 & 6 for testing.

> I'm using Tomcat4.0-m5 for my testing.  I don't know what you are

I am using Tomcat 3.2

> Are you using the <html:link> for all of your links?  And are you
> <html:action> for all of your actions?  I found that if you don't you
will have
> a problem.  It's either all or nothing.  If it's nothing your on your
own.  At
> least that has been my experience.

Right now I am NOT encoding my links.  However, if my assumptions are
Encoding the links will not help me.  Encoding adds the session id as a
string to the links.  If the two windows have the same session, then the
links (in
each window) will still use the same session.

> Steve

Here is the problem I am running across.   I use beans that store
pertaining to a specific record in the database.  When a user selects an
item from
a list, the bean is populated and placed in the session.  I put it in
the session
because subsequent pages require this beans information as well.
However, if the
user has two browser windows running, sharing a session, it is possible
for the
user to update the data for the bean in one window, and then retrieve
information in the other window.

It is very probable that a user will want to have multiple browsers
running so that
he/she can compare data.

I hope you can all follow that.  I don't think that I described it very

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