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From "Simon Oldeboershuis, outermedia" <>
Subject RePost: Retreiving multiple values from SELECT boxes
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 18:28:43 GMT

I have read the post of Kevin in struts-user list and I have the same
problem. I did not see anybody else react and so I cross-post it to the
developer list. 

I need to know how to retreive multiple values from a HTML select box

So far I have set-up the SELECT box to allow multiple selects. On
of the HTML form the values of the SELECT box are submitted in the
as an array of strings. However the bean setter method does not seem to
executed correctly as the required property is only set to the first
in the string array. I have stepped through the code and it seems to go
wrong in the BeanUtils.populate() method were the incoming parameters
not properly recorded and sent to the property setter method.


We used the select box with multiple select and it worked fine with an
array property, but after I got a new nightly build (last week or so),
it did not work anymore. 

Did we do something wrong?? We defined the correct setters and it
already worked.
We experience the same problem which is described by Kevin. Only one
property is set instead of all "multiple select".

thanks in advance.


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