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From David Winterfeldt <>
Subject Volunteer for Validation Framework
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2001 01:35:17 GMT
I'd like to volunteer to help on client and server
side validation listed on the Struts 1.1 To Do list.  

I added some basic support for constants (global and
on the Locale level).  I also made the validations
more configurable.  You can define what class and
method should do a type of validation.  I added a
depends attribute to the validation definitions so you
could say that checking for an integer shouldn't be
done until required validations are done.  It's
probably needs some work on the logic, but it seems to
be working on the basics.  Also a number of objects
could be created and cached somewhere.

I also started on some methods to do basic type
checking.  It's just some numeric primitives right now
and a date.  I added an example page to the sample
webapp doing the type checking.

The code and sample web app is on my site.  I have a
basic explanation, but I think it's lacking since I've
added so much, but the examples should help.


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