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From John Hunt <>
Subject FormBeans
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 19:53:35 GMT
1.What is the normal practice in the case where you
have two pages, and part of the input entered in the
first page needs to be displayed in the second page. I
would say use the same form bean for both the pages.
Any objections to this?

2. When displaying readonly contents  on a page where
the contents were obtained by some processing done by
the Acton class which forwarded to this page, is it
advisable to put the output page's bean in session
scope and have the action class populate it ( or even
under request scope ). Or is it better to expose many
beans from the Action class that produced the data and
let the form bean get populated in the  jsp page ( for
the readonly attributes )? So these attributes
actually need not be propagated to the next action
class. Suggestions???

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